The Swiss Cake Festival shall be a lovely and positive event for everyone. Therefore, we ask you to take note of the following terms and conditions:  

  1. The present terms and conditions of the organiser are an integral part of the contract, which was entered with the acquisition of a ticket to the festival. This applies to all kinds of tickets to the festival (including workshops).
  2. The entry to the Swiss Cake Festival is limited. The tickets are made available only via our ticket partner Starticket, as well as via our website. Remaining tickets are, if applicable, available at the pay desk. The organiser, however, recommends to purchase the ticket in advance, due to high demand and to enable an easy entry.
  3. The commercial re-sale of already purchased tickets is prohibited. It is also forbidden to re-sale the tickets privately at a higher price than the actual printed price on the ticket, plus proven costs. The use of the tickets for lottery purposes or any kind of gambling activities is not permitted without the explicit written consent of the organiser. Any violation leads to the loss of the entry authorisation.
  4. Admission tickets cannot be abusively used, copied or changed. By using the admission ticket, the user also explicitly accepts the house regulations of the event location; Stadthalle Dietikon.
  5. The organiser executes a ticket inspection at the entrance. Workshop tickets, day tickets and multi-day tickets will be replaced with ribbons at the entrance, which, before the visiting of any offer or program on the corresponding day, must be fixed so that they cannot be pulled off the wrist. Furthermore, the ribbons must be worn during the entire event and, by request, are to be presented. As soon as a ribbon is taken off or cut through, it loses its validity. Lost or damaged ribbons will not be replaced.
  6. The ticket purchaser is self-responsible for the safekeeping of his/her ticket – the organiser does not assume liability for any lost tickets and replacement tickets cannot be made available.
  7. No claims for reimbursement can be made on the purchase price of any workshop or festival ticket.
  8. The valid access times for workshop and festival visitors are the ones communicated for the respective day. However, the organiser reserves the right to alter the admission time without prior notice. The organiser does not assume any liability in case of any delay at the entrance.
  9. The organiser reserves the right to alter the show program without prior notice.
  10. As obtained, the tickets can be reimbursed up to 30 days after the originally envisaged end of the event, should the event be cancelled. Changes in programme or cast of characters (Cake designer, workshops, shows etc.) are reserved.
  11. Expanses, such as journey, hotel, advance booking charges or handling fees, will not be replaced in case of cancellation, postponement, changes in programme or cast of characters.
  12. There is no right for a refund of the ticket price or compensation, shall the festival be cancelled due to force majeure, such as administrative order or judicial decision, unless the organiser can be accused of gross negligence or unlawful intent.
  13. The organiser points out that photographing and videotaping is allowed within the framework of the festival. Video tapes and pictures of the bystanders (participants, visitors, cake designer etc.) as well as excerpts or edited material can be published. Video tapes or pictures may also be used for promotion or advertising purposes (i.e. websites, folders, press release, TV adverts, etc.) in favour of the Swiss Cake Festival (current year and succeeding years); as well as for further commercial purposes (re-sale of photos and image rights). The visitor of the Swiss Cake Festival, after entering the festival ground, irrevocably agrees and consents that pictures of him/her may be taken during the event, which might be used for the beforementioned purposes. He/she also agrees that the material may be used for the acquisition of sponsors.
  14. Smoking in the event rooms is not permitted.
  15. Bülach is the place of jurisdiction and the place of performance.


Swiss Cake Events GmbH

Heiselstrasse 116

8155 Niederhasli


Management: Lina Caroli and Valeria Varrese


Swiss Cake Festival